We can ideate many creations in the field of audio visual for brands and organisations related to travel and adventure. The world, specially the youth today have a rather unique approach towards life. They believe in living “today" to the fullest. Thus the world today travels. Travellers from different parts of the world travel to the remotest corners of earth in search of something new, to explore, to learn, to absorb and at times to run away from the maddening city crowd.


          We at eastside.productions look to bring forward this very experience or new ideas of experiencing life in a platter full of engaging, interesting and informative audio visual content.


             All the three core members of eastside.productions are avid motorcycle riders and have documented and been a part of various travel related projects in the national and regional level as well. This adds up to a huge pile of experience related to travel videos and eastside.productions specialises in this genre. We also have a complete team of route planners, mappers and logistics experts with over a decade of experience in this field.